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Tamara 'Liberty' Smith continues to fight the good fight of faith when fighting for her community. More than an advocate for District #1 and the city of the Detroit as a whole, Tamara is a one-woman task force looking to recruit those who care when battling for safety and improving the overall quality of life for her Detroit community. 

"As a daughter of a former public servant, I've been exposed to community activism since my early childhood years.  I want to work for you. I will work to bring economic empowerment by fighting to bring 21st-century jobs to our community and economic development."

-Lower Auto Insurance Rate-

  District 1 has the highest automobile insurance in the country! Resulting in being a serious financial strain on Detroiters. Auto-theft is one of the reasons why Detroit insurance is so high. Car thefts risen 8,500 last year and about 15.6 stolen vehicles per day. By implementing the Bait Car Program, it will deter auto theft and essentially lower the cost of automobile insurance throughout the district and the city. Automobile insurance companies have many contributing factors on how your premiums are rated. State Farm which is the largest insurance company in Michigan has seven factors that determines how much you pay.  First one is policy and deductibles, what you drive, how often you drive, driving record, credit history, demographic and lastly where you live. Where you live is prorated based on vandalism, crashes and theft. That is why it is common that urban drivers pay higher premiums than suburban drivers. Because auto-theft usually comes from a small contingent of criminals, the Bait Car Program is highly effective. 
The Bait Car Program has already been proven to be effective in other cities throughout the country in reducing auto-theft by 71 percent. 

-Neighborhood Patrol Increase-

-Brightmoor Reconstruction Initiative-

      As an incentive, more monetary resources for volunteers (gas-cards, gift cards). Rules of engagement training by the 2 and 8th precinct for volunteers.  Influx of community patrol will reduce sex-trafficking in Detroit which ranks number 2 in the country.

    Detroit has a surplus of 62 million dollars that needs to be shared in Brightmoor!

    Utilize Vacancies & Land for Job training development.  Implement a Job skilled training institution that focuses on vocational training and Information & Technology two-year program.

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